Tuesday, 17 September 2013

IRS Template

IRS REPORT (Suggested sections)

1. Cover Page: Research Title and members’ names, index no. & class.

2. Part A

Research Justification Report: This section includes your introduction (what is the problem you observe) and research aims (what your research intends to FIND OUT), reasons for choice of topic, feasibility, manageability and literature scan (summaries of scholarly articles – other than summarizing you must show how it relates to your research)

3. Part B

Investigation Report: This section includes your method (is it an experiment? survey research? interview research? why is your method suitable or why is it the best way to find out), sample (who? how many? why?), the survey/ interview questions (yes, you need to include them here – don’t assume the marker knows your questions!!)

4. Part C

Discussions of Findings: results of your survey, discussion of what the data tells you and finally your recommendations (your proposed solution to the situation or problem you first identified)

5.  Conclusion – what are some of the learning points that you can highlight and suggest some ways to do a further research of your topic / area

6.  Bibliography – List all your references (do a google search on APA format to learn how to cite your resources)

Submit hard copy draft by Friday, 6pm to my pigeon hole no 54 if you’d like my input.

Final copy on Tuesday, 24 Sept during IRS class.  We will also do reflection on
that day during lesson.

Grading will be done on Thursday, 26 Sept 2.00 pm.

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