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9 July 2013

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4 July 2013

To All,

Ensure that you have done your homework before coming to class on Tuesday.  You need to do a short write up between 100 to 150 words on a topic that you think is worth researching based on any of the given themes - Sustainability, Relationships, Behaviour.  Include sources in your write up.

An example done by a student,

"Eating is a favourite past time for many Singaporeans.  However, it is also observed that it is not uncommon for people to waste food. According to a report by Rachel Lim (2011), 675 million kg of food was wasted in 2011.  The amount is enough to fill up 12 000 double-decker buses!  Food wastage is a concern because not only it impacts on waste management and the environment, it also reflects on our attitudes and behaviour.  Hence, a survey can be done to find out why people waste food, how they feel about food wastage and what can be done to reduce food wastage.  The findings can point to ways to change people's behaviour or at least to persuade them to think about the issue at hand."

Source: Lim, R. (2011). How much do you love your food?.  Food and Travel Magazine. Retrieved online from:

Save your work in Pages and be prepared to present in class.

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